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Aquatic Training Vessels Swim Spas

What takes Aquatic Training Vessels™ to the next level is the hydrodynamic flow combined with the ability to control it. With our unique array of pumps and jets, we deliver a water flow you can tailor for your optimized aquatic workouts. The ATV delivers a full range of experiences from a relaxing dip to a rigorous workout or endless swim. By adjusting the flow from each pair of jets, you have the ability to create differing amounts of lift to target different zones of the body. Our jet system provides a wide and balanced flow that will help you hold your position in the swim lane without turbulence. This flexible flow management lets you create a customized experience perfect for your particular body type and workout regimen.

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Which ATV Swim Spa is Right for Me?

The ATV-17 Sport and ATV-14 Sport models have three 160 GPM / 606 LPM dual-speed pumps and three pairs of turbo jets to deliver a full spectrum of water flow options. The ATV- 17 Kona steps it up to another level all together, with two 360 GPM / 1363 LPM dual-speed pumps plus one 160 GPM / 606 LMP dual-speed pump and three pairs of WhiteWater-4™ jets plus two Buoyancy jets. The ATV-14 Splash operates off of a single 160 GPM / 606 LPM dual-speed pump for a smooth flow for your aquatic activity. These ATV pumps in the various models generate flow that may be customized to challenge every level of swimmer and any type of aquatic workout regimen. They give you the ability to provide the most rigorous workout or the ability to tone it back and have a relaxed workout. The choice is yours!


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What Makes the ATV Different?

Opposed to the industry standard of acrylic, our ATV’s are made with bonded polymer resin making them the strongest vessels in the swim spa industry today! The covalently bonded macro-molecular structure makes the vessel impervious to the crazing and cracking found in typical acrylic swim spas. The ATV’s external frame is a uni-body gusset construction that assures greater structural integrity and rigidity to further support the vessel’s bonded polymer resin strength. Traditional swim spas struggle to sustain structural strength with the potential for the acrylic sheet to waver and distort during shipping and installation, and under the weight and pressure of so much water over time. Truly, an ATV is the strongest aquatic vessel you can own for your fitness and wellness activities.

The state-of-the-art polymer resins used to mold the ATV are used in the marine industry’s most expensive and rugged boat and yacht hulls. The sweeping lane lines and other visual focal points for your workouts are not superficial appliqués that can peel or degrade over time. They are securely bonded into the polymer structure of the resins and last as long as the vessel itself.

The interior steps are built to ANSI/APSP/ICC-6 safety stairs specifications for safe and secure footing and transitions in and out of the vessel. The stairs and the vessel floor have a smooth yet tactile surface treatment to allow for optimal water aerobics footing and non-slip navigation of the stairs…unlike slippery acrylic surfaces that can prevent stable footing. LED lighting is standard along the steps for optimal visibility.

Which swim spa is right for me

Our Swim Spas


You will get the competitive training edge you’re looking for in the ATV-17 Kona! It has 6 Whitewater-4 dual-speed jets to give you the most rigorous aquatic workout of your life. This 17 foot long 53 inch water depth vessel will boost your aquatic training.


Use the expanded swim and workout space in the 17 feet long ATV Sport for a rigorous swim! It has an additional 3 feet of length than the 14 foot ATVs and a true 53 inch water depth to allow for more versatile aquatic training.


You have the ability to get an intense aquatic workout with the hydrodynamic flow behind the 6 dual-speed turbo jets that come with ATV-14 Sport, but in the same compact 14 foot size as the ATV-14 Splash.


Enjoy a mild aquatic workout, increase your range of motion, play with your family, or relax with the therapy massage seats.


Imagine a swim spa designed for social interaction and fun, with the extra space and power you need for aquatic therapy and heated-water exercise. Enjoy party time with your friends, quality time with your children and grandchildren, and quiet time with a partner. If a lap pool and a hot tub got together and had a baby, it would be the V150 Swim Spa.
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