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Man rowing in swim spa

The Ultimate Swim Spa Experience

Spacious, powerful, and versatile — Aquatic Training Vessels™ by Marquis® deliver the ultimate swim spa experience. Made in the USA and engineered to perform in a variety of aquatic scenarios, from intense training, to gentle conditioning and fitness, to stress-free relaxation and playtime. ATV™ adapts to your fitness level and goals, whether you are an athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or simply love the water and want a fun place to relax. Get the portability of an above-the-ground pool, the endless swimming of a lap pool, and the hydrotherapy of a hot tub all rolled into one.


Ultimate fitness

Full range-of-motion swim strokes, stationary leg kicks, banded resistance and rowing, low-impact step training, stretching and heated-water aerobics are all possible with ATV. Change body positions to target different muscle groups for horizontal swimming, upright aerobic fitness and seated strength conditioning. Every ATV model offers hydrotherapy massage seats for pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout recovery. There are two massage seats in the Kona, Sport and Splash Series, four seats in the V150W swim and workout vessel, and eight seats in the V150 swim spa and party vessel.

Ultimate relaxation

Experience the heated-water hydrotherapy and jetted hydromassage benefits of a hot tub, with the increased hydrostatic-pressure benefits of a swim spa. With lower blood pressure and reduced pain and inflammation, relax your aching muscles and relieve mental stress. Soaking in the evening promotes restful sleep, with plenty of room for family and friends to share a relaxing soak beneath the stars.

Ultimate design

The innovative bowed sidelines of the Kona, Sport and Splash Series are more comfortable than conventional swim spas, creating a more spacious swim area with greater freedom of movement. The hybrid designs of the V150 and V150W deliver even more versatility, without sacrificing the advanced construction and hydrodynamics found in other ATV models. Whichever model you select, you will enjoy exercise, rehabilitation, relaxation, and party time year-round. It’s an aquatic gymnasium built to last you for many years.

See what our customers are saying about their ATVs

“I use my backyard ATV as a powerful weapon against pain,” says Tammie S., whose doctors recommended warm water therapy to help reduce the effects of painful, bone-on-bone arthritis.

Tammie S.- Deerfield, MA

"I was in a car accident that impacted my neck rather badly…. With swimming in my ATV every other day I have been able to manage my pain. I would strongly recommend it for rehabilitation, strengthening, flexibility, and exercise fun!"

Sherin J.- South Yorkshire, UK

“Daily swimming and exercising in warm water has made a huge difference in my life. My bone and joint pain has decreased and my balance has improved. I am thrilled that I have found an outlet that lessens the pain and gives me so much pleasure.”

Karen S.- Milwaukee, WI

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How an ATV can benefit you


Swim like an Olympic athlete, or start slowly to work on your stroke technique and endurance. Swimming is a total body workout that has never been easier thanks to ATV.

Stay fit

ATV are aquatic multi-use gyms. Perfect for any age and fitness level, you can tailor your aquatic workout with less impact on your joints, tendons and bones.


Stressed out and tensed up? Need to unwind? Enjoy the relaxation benefits of warm water hydrotherapy in ATV jetted-massage therapy seats.

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