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Swim Spa Buyers Guide

Swim spas combine the best qualities of a hot tub with the extra space and functionality of a self-contained, above-ground swimming pool. Benefits include: heated-water hydrotherapy, aquatic rehabilitation, water aerobics, swim-in-place training, and a fun place for the kids and grandkids to enjoy. But you probably wonder, “Which is the best swim spa brand?” Since your research has led you to Aquatic Training Vessels™, you are well on your way to answering that question.

For good reasons, ATV™ swim spas are consistently recognized as the #1 Best Swim Spa Brand by industry experts and swim spa owners alike. In fact, ATV have garnered an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on ConsumerAffairs.com, a popular consumer reviews site. In our experience, the top four reasons people choose ATV are superior 1) quality, 2) performance, 3) features, and 4) customer service.

Best Swim Spa Materials - Yacht-Quality Resins


Made in the USA

While other swim spa manufacturers have moved their production out of the United States, Aquatic Training Vessels are steadfastly made on American soil. As an employee-owned company based in Independence, Oregon, USA, the men and women of ATV are personally invested in our tradition of world-class craftsmanship. Not surprisingly, this commitment to quality informs our choice of materials.

Yacht-Quality Shell

Whereas traditional swim spa shells are made from vacuum-molded acrylic sheet, ATV are made from marine-grade, covalently-bonded-polymer resins, the kind used in high-end yacht hulls. Why so?

  • Though acrylic shells make perfect sense in a 450 gallon hot tub (1,704 litres), they make little sense in a 2,400 gallon swim spa (9,084 litres). The reason? Due to the increased surface area in a swim spa, acrylic struggles to maintain its structural integrity and has the potential to waver and distort during shipping and installation. Over time, the extra weight of so much water volume can take its toll and lead to a much riskier ownership experience.
  • In contrast, ATV shells are made from a state-of-the-art, covalently-bonded, macro-molecular resin structure that is impervious to the crazing, cracking and delamination common to acrylic or ABS plastic swim spas.

Unibody Fiberglass Frame

Adding to the bonded-polymer strength of the ATV shell, its fiberglass external frame employs unibody gusset construction to ensure unparalleled structural integrity and rigidity. In fact, many ATV customers have remarked: “This spa is built like a tank!” As a result, your financial investment and ownership experience are as rock solid as the spa itself.

Premium Insulation

ATV swim spas enjoy superior insulation and sound-proofing compared to other swim spa brands. Premium Icynene® spray foam resists moisture, mold and mildew. Full-foam insulation reduces heat transfer and saves money on electric bills. Two high-quality DuraCover® energy covers protect the top of the spa and further conserve energy thanks to 2lb-density foam, full-length linear heat seal along the fold, and marine-grade double-stitched vinyl with a form-fitting skirt.

Weatherproof Exterior

ATV are the only swim spas to offer DuraWood™ exterior cabinets, an upgraded co-extruded polymer composite even more rugged than standard ATV exteriors. Upgrading to the DuraWood option adds two color choices not otherwise available: Ash or Espresso. (NOTE: DuraWood is not available on the V150P or V150W.)

 Most Powerful Swim Jets - ATV Swim Spas


Advanced Hydrodynamic Flow

ATV are engineered for powerful flow performance and adaptability toward a wide range of aquatic activities. The high-flow pumps, swim jets and buoyancy jets of the ATV-17 Kona generate such high flow volumes that even elite swimmers are awe struck. Perfect for intermediate swimmers, the ATV-17 Sport and its smaller sibling the ATV-14 Sport offer equivalent performance. And last but not least, the flow dynamics of the ATV-14 SplashV150P Swim Spa & Party Vessel, and V150W Swim & Workout Vessel are perfectly suited to the needs of fitness-minded enthusiasts and recreational swimmers alike.

  • ATV-17 Kona: The six Whitewater-4™ swim-end jets (pictured above) each have a colossal 1-inch orifice and an ingenious “entrainment” port. Powered by two 360 GPM (1,363 LPM) pumps, the entrainment ports deliver a 25% performance boost to the peak flow rate of each Whitewater-4 swim jet. As a result, the Kona’s combined swim-wall current is an astonishing 825 GPM (3,123 LPM). Adding in the flow rate of the buoyancy jets yields nearly 1,000 GPM (3,785 LPM) of water flow against the swimmer. Wow!

High-Flow Therapy

Every ATV swim spa includes integrated hydrotherapy massage seats, offering a variety of health and wellness benefits. Unlike other swim spa brands, however, ATV benefits from nearly 40 years of Marquis® hydrotherapy innovation. At the heart of Marquis’ design philosophy is “high-flow therapy,” optimizing water flow to deliver superior therapeutic benefits. No wonder ATV are so popular among people with critical health conditions and those who rely on aquatic therapy to maintain their quality of life. One might illustrate high-flow therapy this way:

  • Imagine standing chest-deep in the middle of a rushing stream or river. Even though the water is flowing at low pressure (or, “low PSI”), it exerts tremendous weight against your body. Why? Because of the large volume of water pushing against you. ATV high-flow therapy applies a similar principle. By delivering as much water as possible at low pressure, ATV massage seats achieve deeper muscle tissue penetration without causing skin discomfort. So instead of feeling like pointy fingernails drilling into your skin—causing an itching or burning sensation—ATV high-flow therapy feels like the weighty palms of a skilled masseuse. The end result is a more satisfying and beneficial hydromassage experience.

 Best Swim Spa Bouyancy Jets - ATV Swim Spas


Ergonomics and Safety

Ergonomics, or the physical ease of use and comfort, is where many swim spa brands fall short. And, unfortunately, many first-time swim spa owners don’t pay close enough attention to ergonomics until their spa is installed and they begin using it. Only then do they realize why they should have chosen Aquatic Training Vessels.

  • More spacious: With up to 53 inches (135 cm) of true water depth, and innovative bowed sidelines for added width up to 78 inches (198cm), ATV provide a more spacious workout area than other swim spa brands. The swim end is clean, roomy and quiet. No clunky, bulky or loud flow generator invades the swim lane. As a result, the extra freedom of movement allows for better swim-stroke mechanics (especially for long-wingspan swimmers), full range-of-motion water aerobics, and worry-free playtime for the whole family.
  • Comfortable and intuitive: When it’s time to kick back and relax, the multi-level massage seats ensure a comfortable fit for any body type. Tall and short stature alike can find the perfect seat, with jets placed in exactly the right spots. And when you reach for pump controls or diverter valves, they are intuitively located right where you expect them to be.
  • Non-slip surfaces: For safe and secure footing when transitioning in or out of the vessel, interior spa steps are built to ANSI/APSP/ICC-6 safety stair specifications. A smooth yet tactile surface treatment allows for non-slip navigation of the stairs as well as optimal traction during water aerobics. LED lights along the steps are a standard feature, offering better visibility at night. For even more visual impact, add the optional 22-point LED Interior Lighting System for spectacular nighttime ambiance.

Fine-Tuned and Multi-Zone Controls

The flexibility of the ATV system becomes apparent when you see the control system in action. Whether you desire a rigorous swim, a moderate workout, or simply a “lazy river” effect so your little ones can float around on pool toys, ATV can be as full-throttled or relaxing as you like.

  • 3-2-1 Zone Control™ valves can allocate a pump’s entire water flow to specific jet clusters or therapy seats. With up to three dual-speed pumps per spa, multiple 3-2-1 Zone Control valves provide access to more power, more control and more versatility than any other swim spa brand on the market. Exclusive to the ATV-17 Kona/Sport, and the ATV-14 Sport/Splash models.
  • V3 Throttle Control valves: Exclusive the V150P and V150W, the Vector-Optimized-Laminar-Therapy (V-O-L-T™) system delivers up to 40% more flow volume to massage seats thanks to a unique system architecture. The V150P features 36 laminar-flow Jetpods (including Directional, Orbital and Conal) distributed between eight massage seats; three colossal Whitewater-4 jets power the swim end, plus two more Whitewater-4 jets in the floor to provide buoyancy or targeted leg and foot therapy; and five V3 Throttle Control valves and a neck jet valve allow you to isolate a pump’s entire water flow to specific seat pairs or seat/jet combinations. The V150W features 21 Jetpods distributed between four massage seats (including two in the footwell for soothing foot and leg massage); four colossal Whitewater-4 jets power the expanded swim and workout area; and two V3 Throttle Control valves and a neck jet valve dial in the perfect sensation.

Pristine Water Management

Pristine water management is a hallmark feature of ATV swim spas, standing head and shoulders above every other swim spa brand. In addition to safeguarding your health and safety, the superior efficiency of the ATV water management system conserves energy and saves money on monthly utility bills and spa supplies (such as filters and sanitizer).

  • ConstantClean™ with Vortex Filtration and SmartClean™: While other swim spa brands employ a low-flow 24/7 circulation pump, Aquatic Training Vessels employ one of the spa’s high-flow pumps. Up to 80 gallons-per-minute (303 litres-per-minute) flows through two large-volume Vortex filters, resulting in top-to-bottom and front-to-back filtration. So instead of running for 24 hours straight, the vessel’s entire water volume is filtered five times per day—running only 2-1/2 hours per day!1 Thanks to SmartClean software, you can schedule filtration and practically forget about it for up to four to six weeks. Plus, after each swim or soaking session, the system automatically schedules an automatic 30-minute cleanup cycle.
  • Ozonator with Mazzei® injection: A standard feature on every ATV swim spa is an integrated ozonator with Mazzei injection. After passing through the filtration system and heater, filtered water flows past the ozonator’s Mazzei injector where it mixes with ozone gas (O3). Any microbes present in the water are neutralized, and dissolved organic compounds too small to be caught by the filters are oxidized. As the water re-enters the spa, any residual ozone reverts back into oxygen (O2) and the process repeats itself. By supplementing the work of spa sanitizers, the ozonator adds to the efficiency of the entire system.
  • V150P and V150W in-line sanitation (optional): In addition to the standard water care features, the V150P and V150W offer in-line sanitation as an optional feature. This dual-cartridge powerhouse automates the process of sanitation by means of a slow-dose cartridge which gradually dispenses sanitizer over the course of four to six weeks. In addition, a mineral (or conditioning) cartridge softens the water for up to four weeks. The result is crystal clear and odorless spa water that feels silky, fresh and clean.

1Filtration scenario based on the 2,400 gallon ATV-17 Kona with factory default settings, employing its dual-speed 160 GPM (606 LPM) pump running at low speed (80 GPM/ 303 LPM). Smaller ATV swim spas, which have less water volume, actually filter the entire water volume more than five times per day.

Versatile Exercise Options

Experienced swim trainers often utilize resistance tethers as a means of controlling the swim position of an athlete during training. Tethers are also effective for strength conditioning and a variety of creative exercises in and out of the water. ATV-14 and ATV-17 swim spas are equipped with tether points at each end of the spa, as well as twin anchor points for an optional Resistance & Rowing Kit. A set of swim tether bands is included with each new ATV-14 or ATV-17 purchase, and replacement tethers are available through any authorized ATV Dealer. (Swim tethers are optional on V150 models.)

Year-Round Usability

With the ability to set water temperature in the range of 60 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 40°C), ATV ensure maximal comfort all year-round. Depending on where your spa is located (and the ambient air temperature), you can expect to use your spa in both warm and cold weather. Just remember to follow the instructions in your Owner’s Manual, especially in extreme climates, to avoid UV damage or freezing issues.

ATV Customer Service - Best Customer Support 


Local Service and Support

Your local independent ATV Dealer is a bona fide swim spa expert with the freedom to customize a personal solution for you. Whether it comes to your aquatic fitness, therapy, or budget needs, they have a wealth of knowledge covering every aspect of swim spa ownership. Get more information about product details, pricing, financing, site preparation and installation, and find out if there are any upcoming sales promotions in your area. Should you ever need service after purchasing an ATV swim spa, your local ATV Dealer is your go-to resource for maintenance needs, replacement parts, or labor costs which are covered by your ATV Warranty. Knowing you are in such good hands is yet another reason why Aquatic Training Vessels is considered the best swim spa brand.


Schedule a Free Test Swim

Most local ATV Dealers have an ATV test model on display in their showroom. This presents the perfect opportunity to get in and experience ATV firsthand. Just remember to call ahead and make an appointment, and to bring a bathing suit and towel. So what do you think? Are you ready to experience the ATV swim spa difference? Schedule a test soak today!

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