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Swim Spa Sleep Benefits

Restful sleep is one of life’s simple pleasures. Without it your life can get complicated in a hurry. Whether due to stress, restless legs syndrome, chronic pain or some other cause, insomnia is probably affecting your mental, emotional and physical health. If so, you’re not alone.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anywhere from 25% to 60% of people in the United States sleep fewer than seven hours per night, which is the minimum recommended. This is especially true of people aged 25 to 64, among minorities, and among those living in densely populated areas. Some studies indicate that men report a higher rate of insomnia than women.

In addition to chronic fatigue and irritability, poor sleep is associated with a weakened immune system and a variety of chronic health conditions. These include: higher rates of arthritis, depression, asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart attack and coronary heart disease to name a few. Workplace performance, social relationships and family morale can also suffer. Clearly, it’s a serious problem that begs for a solution.

The benefit of hydrotherapy, or heated-water therapy, is that it helps your body recalibrate. Soaking nightly at a consistent time helps to reset your internal clock, induce the body’s natural sleep mechanics and promote more restful sleep. And if you’ve become dependent on sleeping pills or other methods to fall asleep, hydrotherapy may be the perfect alternative. Of course, before adjusting prescription medication or making other changes you should consult a healthcare provider.

Is restless legs syndrome driving you crazy? According to the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation, effective coping strategies may include “taking hot or cold baths, massage, acupressure or relaxation techniques.” By combining these strategies, hydrotherapy is a sensible choice. ATV swim spa massage therapy seats promote restful sleep, alongside complementary spa therapies such as aromatherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy.

What about electronic devices? A simple benefit of swim spas is the fact that water doesn’t mix well with smartphones, tablets and laptops. Research indicates that digital screens emit wavelengths of light that suppress melatonin (a sleep hormone) and overstimulate the brain when it would normally be preparing for sleep. Your hydrotherapy session can become the perfect excuse to put the gadgets away, congregate as a couple or family and finish the day in peaceful relaxation. Are you ready to experience the sleep benefits of hydrotherapy? Contact your local ATV Dealer to discover which swim spa model is right for you. 


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