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Environments™ Swim Spa Surrounds

Aquatic Training Vessels Environments™ swim spa surrounds add a whole new level of safety, convenience and sophistication to your swim spa experience. Built-to-last according to the same exacting standards of craftsmanship, sharing the same premium design and color palette, and using the same durable, all-weather materials. What better way to complement your new swim spa!

Standard Features

  • ATV™ and V150 color palette (current model year)
  • Modular and flexible design
  • Durable, all-weather synthetic exterior cladding (DuraWood™ upgraded exterior available on selected modules)
  • Heavy-duty, 1-inch thick composite decking lids, treads and countertops
  • Sustainably-harvested Hem-fir and cedar framing
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Rugged polysheet vapor-barrier base

ATV Environments Exterior Color Options

ATV Environments

Add the finishing touch to your favorite ATV-14 or ATV-17. Perfect for transforming your swim spa area into a multipurpose entertainment space. Available modules include:

  • ATV™-14 and ATV™-17 Steps
  • ATV™-14  and ATV™-17 Storage Cabinets
  • ATV™ 48-inch Storage Bench


ATV-17 Environments Swim Spa Step

ATV-14 & ATV-17 Steps

Perfectly complementing the bowed sidelines of your swim spa, ATV Steps make it easier and safer to get in and out. May be placed on the front or back of the spa. One-inch-thick composite decking treads maintain traction when wet, and are far more secure than aftermarket alternatives. For added security, ATV Steps feature a solid handrail and safety railing on the landing. (NOTE: Optional DuraWood™ upgraded exterior available.)

ATV-14 & ATV-17 Storage Cabinets

Keep your swim spa supplies close but tucked neatly out of sight. Cabinet counters double as a casual dining surface for poolside beverages and tasty hors d’oeuvres. Features sturdy construction and heavy-duty hinges to ensure durability and structural integrity, and a rugged polysheet vapor barrier base to resist moisture. (NOTE: Only available with DuraWood™ upgraded exterior. Available colors are Ash or Espresso.)

ATV Storage Bench

Perfect for seating and storage, the ATV 48-inch Storage Bench features sturdy construction and heavy-duty hinges to ensure durability and structural integrity. For added weather protection, the underside of storage lid seams are sealed with waterproof silicone, and a rugged polysheet vapor barrier base resists moisture. (NOTE: Optional DuraWood™ upgraded exterior available.)

ATV Ultimate Package

The ATV Ultimate Package includes our most popular options and accessories in one easy-to-order bundle. Package includes two Environments modules: one ATV Step and one ATV 48-inch Storage Bench. Designs vary based on the swim spa model you select. Visit our ATV Ultimate Package page to learn more. (NOTE: The ATV Ultimate Package is not available on the V150 Swim Spa and Party Vessel, but many of the same options and accessories are available separately. Download the brochure or contact your local ATV Dealer for more information.)


V150 Environments Swim Spa Step

V150 Environments

Blurring the distinction between a hot tub and swim spa, the V150 Swim Spa and Party Vessel offers its own selection of Environments. Because the V150 shares design cues with Marquis Vector21 hot tubs, you gain access to a number of unique combinations. (NOTE: Not available with DuraWood™. Available colors are Barnwood or Cordovan.) Modules include:

  • V150 Steps
  • V150 Corner Step
  • V150 49-inch Storage Bench
  • Vector21 Step I
  • Vector21 Step II
  • Vector21 36-inch Storage Bench
  • Vector21 43-inch Storage Bench
  • Vector21 53-inch Storage Bench


ATV Aqua Aerobic Step for Swim Spas

ATV Aqua Aerobic Step

The ATV Aqua Aerobic Step, while not technically part of Environments, is tailor-made for your swim spa. Designed for years of regular use, this removable 8-inch tall (20cm), 35 pound (16kg) workout step is fully submersible and perfect for aquatic step aerobics. The textured-inlay tread surface offers excellent traction, and eight rubber feet in the base keep it secure while protecting the spa floor. Made from the same reinforced fiberglass used in ATV frames and coated in the same yacht-quality, co-bonded polymer resin used in ATV shells. Impervious to water and recommended spa chemicals. Available in Frost White, Sky Blue and Ocean Blue with a contrasting inlay color.

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