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The ATV Story

Aquatic Training Vessels, a division of Marquis Corp., has been engineered to fill a missing need in the swim spa industry. Our customers and retailers asked us to design a product that didn’t just look good, but would deliver the performance lacking in other swim spa brands. Namely, create a swim spa with effective flow dynamics and innovative features, and take traditional swim spa technology to the next level. Bowed sidelines and a unique range of pumps and jets deliver a water flow you can customize for optimized aquatic workouts. And while it may be a swim spa, below the surface it is a complete fitness vessel. An ATV is not only for the professional athlete, but the emerging athlete and anyone interested in rehabilitation and aquatic fitness. Whatever your fitness level, the ATV’s power and versatility is there to maximize your training performance, give you a competitive edge and benefit your overall health and wellness.

Each ATV swim spa is custom made at the Marquis® factory in Independence, Oregon. Marquis, our parent company, was founded in 1980 and is employee-owned and operated. As a result, each employee has a vested interest in providing best-in-class products and service that exceed consumer expectations. We make every ATV by hand and go over it inch by inch, systematically testing each unit to ensure it is of the highest quality and finish before we ship it.

How Does Marquis Fit into the Swim Spa World?

As a company, Marquis has always had a reputation for quality products and has made sure that those values are reflected in every ATV Swim Spa. After four decades in the industry, Marquis is a proven leader in hydrodynamic flow design and control. We are obsessive about hydrotherapy, and deliver the most beneficial hydrodynamic performance products on the market. With this knowledge and track record we engineered the ATV product line. It provides top-of-the-line sports therapy and a true training vessel for swimmers of all fitness levels.

Our Involvement with Make-A-Wish®

Marquis and Make-A-Wish team up to help Wish Kids find relief in the soothing water of a swim spa or hot tub. For the past eighteen years, Marquis has been the preferred provider for Make-A-Wish swim spa and hot tub wishes. With the help of our dealers, we have granted over 850 swim spa and hot tub wishes for children across North America with critical illnesses. Learn more about this partnership.

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this website. However, Marquis® Corp. reserves the right to improve its product without notice. This could create a variation between digital and printed materials and the actual product you receive. Please see owner’s manual for complete and accurate specifications, as well as consult with your ATV Dealer prior to installation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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