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Swim Spa Options and Accessories

It's always nice to have options, especially when they add extra amenity, functionality and convenience to your swim spa experience. A variety of useful options and helpful accessories are listed below. For pricing and availability please contact your local Aquatic Training Vessels™ Dealer.


ATV Swim Spa Water Fountains Option

12-point Water Feature

Available on ATV-14 or ATV-17, get a little more action with the 12-point water feature! Features six waterfalls on each side of your spa. Great for recreation and relaxation, the sound of running water is both playful and soothing. Infuse fountains of color into your nighttime swim or soaking session when integrated with the optional 22-point interior lighting system.


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Ready to add aquatic cycling to your fitness routine? The Professional Aquabike by Hydrorider® offers a maximum fitness experience to take your interval training to new levels. Save $150 off the purchase price using our special promo code. Plus, get access to other Hydrorider products at a discount.


ATV Swim Spa Bluetooth Audio Option

Audio Systems with Bluetooth Connectivity

Great for pool parties, relaxation and music therapy, the audio system includes a receiver, four surface speakers, and a subwoofer built into your swim spa. Featuring Bluetooth wireless connectivity, stream your favorite music, internet radio and more from your mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet or iPod®).1 Optional add-ons include: floating RF remote control, and two audio expansion ports for wired audio connection (USB and 3.5mm auxiliary jack).

  • ATV-14 & ATV-17: Audio System with Bluetooth
  • V150P Swim Spa & Party Vessel: Cosmic™ audio with Bluetooth
  • V150W Swim & Workout Vessel: Cosmic™ audio with Bluetooth


ControlMySpa Wirless Connectivity

ControlMySpa™ Wireless System and Mobile App

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the global chip shortage, this option is temporarily unavailable for new factory orders.**

Remotely control your ATV swim spa using the ControlMySpa app installed on your Apple or Android device.* Enjoy remote monitoring of your spa's water temperature and settings. Control pumps and lighting and schedule filtration cycles. Ideal for vacation homes or any situation where remote access is beneficial, such as turning on your spa lights and therapy jets before a nighttime soak.

*The ControlMySpa (CMS) system includes a CMS Gateway module installed inside the swim spa, and a CMS Home Side RF module connected to your home Internet router. The maximum distance between the Gateway module and Home Side RF module is 300 feet (91 meters). Also requires the ControlMySpa app installed on an Apple (iOS) or Android device connected to the Internet, and a registered ControlMySpa user account. (The app is free to download and there are no monthly Cloud service fees.) ControlMySpa is an available option on all Aquatic Training Vessels and V150 swim spas manufactured from 2022 and beyond. The system is also compatible with older swim spas manufactured from 2013 and beyond, and may be installed by a qualified spa technician.

ATV Swim Spa Covers & Cover Lifts Accessories

Covers & Cover Lifts

Covers: Two DuraCover® energy covers are included with your new swim spa purchase, each sealing one half of the spa. Replacement covers are also available. DuraCovers reduce heat loss to save you money on electric bills, and protect your spa from sun damage and debris. Featuring dense two-pound foam, a full-length linear heat seal along the folds, marine-grade double-stitched vinyl, and a galvanized-steel C-channel support embedded to reduce drooping or buckling from snow. Rainwater drains quickly thanks to the 5-inch to 2.5-inch taper.

Cover lifts: Take it easy on yourself with optional Cover Companion cover lifts. Designed to fit your ATV-14, ATV-17, V150P or V150W swim spa, cover lifts makes it easier to open and close the covers on each end of the spa. Cover Companion (with extensions) mounts directly into the spa cabinet and frame, and requires 12 to 18 inches (31 to 46 cm) of clearance on each end of the spa, and about 4 inches (11 cm) of clearance on either side. Made from corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum.


ATV DuraWood Environments Steps & Spa Surrounds

Environments™ Swim Spa Surrounds

Environments™ add functionality, versatility and amenity to your swim and surrounding spa area. The perfect complement to your ATV-14, ATV-17, V150P or V150W, sharing the same color palette and design cues. Depending on which swim spa you select, a collection of steps, storage cabinets and other modules may be combined to achieve a custom look. For example, a storage bench adds poolside seating, and a storage cabinet adds a casual dining surface for refreshing beverages and tasty hors d'oeuvres.


ATV Swim Spa LED Lighting Upgrade Option

LED Lighting Systems

Experience ultimate ambiance with a multipoint LED lighting! Supplementing your swim spa’s multicolor LED spa light, this upgraded lighting package builds additional multicolor LEDs into your spa, along with variable color modes and transitions. Practical benefits include increased nighttime visibility, enhanced visual impact and augmented stress relief and relaxation. Transform your swim spa into a luminous nighttime spectacle your guests will admire.

  • ATV-14 & ATV-17: 22-point Interior Lighting System
  • V150P Swim Spa & Party Vessel: Starlight™ LED interior and exterior accent lighting
  • V150W Swim & Workout Vessel: Starlight™ LED interior and exterior accent lighting

Marquis® Filters

Always use genuine Marquis® filters to keep your swim spa in tip-top shape. Marquis filters match the increased flow rate and pressure of your swim spa’s vortex filtration system. Extensive engineering and testing has resulted in a selection of filters that effectively trap organic debris until you are ready to remove and clean your filters. Marquis filters also employ an antimicrobial-treated material that makes your water care and maintenance routine a breeze.

Marquis® Water Care Products

Taking care of your swim spa has never been easier thanks to our tested and approved spa chemicals. Sanitizer options include manually-dispensed bromine or chlorine crystals and floats, and replacement bromine or SmartChlor® cartridges for the V150P or V150W automated in-line sanitation systems. We also offer a complete line of water balancers, cleaners and protectants. Ask your local ATV Dealer for Marquis® water care products.


ATV Swim Spa Rowing & Resistance Kit Accessory

Resistance & Rowing Kit

Beyond swim tethers, the optional Resistance & Rowing Kit provides even more workout options. A range of stretch-cord exercises are possible in or out of the water. The Rowing Kit includes two stainless steel ‘oar bars’ with stretch cords and easy-grip handles. (NOTE: swim tethers are included with ATV-14 and ATV-17 models and optional on V150 models.)


Swim Tethers for V150P & V150W

V150P & V150W Swim Tethers

Experienced swim trainers often utilize resistance tethers as a means of controlling the swim position of an athlete during training. Tethers are also effective for strength conditioning and a variety of creative exercises in and out of the water. (NOTE: Swim tethers are optional on V150 models and included with ATV-14 and ATV-17 models.)


ConstantClean+ In-Line Sanitation with Dual Cartridges

V150P and V150W In-line Sanitation

Only available on the V150P and V150W, adding optional in-line sanitation delivers a dual-cartridge powerhouse. Simply set the amount of chemicals to release based on your usage, and your spa will always be ready to enjoy. The mineral (or conditioning) cartridge pre-treats the water. The sanitizer cartridge further treats the water before returning it to the spa. Adding the in-line system improves the overall efficiency of the system because it shares the workload of sanitation. This reduces the consumption of sanitizer and results in a lower concentration of spa chemicals in the water.


V150 Swim Spa Ozonator with Mazzei Injection

V150P and V150W Ozonator with Mazzei® Injection

A standard feature on the ATV-14 and ATV-17, the ozonator with Mazzei injection is an optional feature on the V150P and V150W. After filtration, the water is infused with ozone gas (O3)—a natural oxidizer—to destroy waterborne microbes and bacteria at the molecular level. It also helps to remove dissolved organic compounds. Once the ozone has been used up, it reverts back into regular oxygen (O2). Adding the optional ozonator along with the optional in-line sanitation system on the V150 yields the most efficient water management system on the market.




1iPod® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Mention of third-party products is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

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