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Swim Spa Hydrotherapy Extras - Body, Mind & Spirit

The word “spa” comes from the name of a Belgian town where a thermal spring was discovered in the fourteenth century. Spa therapy as a health treatment has been growing in popularity ever since. ATV spa therapy builds upon this tradition of natural healing by combining the benefits of hydrotherapy, hydromassage, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy. The multilayered benefits of touch, scent, sight, and sound interact with each other to remove anxiety and tension. The end result is a better mood and an overall feeling of health and well-being.

Aromatherapy benefits

The use of aromatic essentials for therapeutic purposes dates back to ancient times. In the early 20th Century, the term “aromathérapie” was coined by René-Maurice Gattefossé, a French chemist and scholar who promoted the virtues of lavender essentials and helped to create the first lavender growers’ cooperative. Modern aromatherapy employs natural essences, minerals, herbs and botanicals to ease the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Almost anyone can benefit, but often women are the first to discern its value. Thanks, in part, to its efficacy during periods of biological change.

The National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health states: “Women often complain of anxiety and feeling low around the time of menopause, having mood swings and feeling frustrated. Women are often distressed at these changes and feel that they are out of character.” Obviously, a healthcare provider should recommend the best course of action. But aromatherapy may be helpful as a complimentary approach, especially when the goal is to minimize anxiety.

In this regard, a 2011 scholarly review published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine observed, “Most of the studies indicated positive effects [of aromatherapy] to quell anxiety. No adverse events were reported.” Concluding, “It is recommended that aromatherapy could be applied as a complementary therapy for people with anxiety symptoms.”

To learn more about aromatherapy products formulated to be compatible with ATV, ask your local ATV Dealer about SPAZAZZ™ liquid and crystal blends.

Chromotherapy benefits

Chromotherapy, or color therapy, encompasses a field of research based on the use of colored light to promote health. Ancient cultures from the Egyptians to the Greeks have studied the health effects of light and color. According to the scholarly review A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution, published in 2005: “Color has been investigated as medicine since 2000 BC.” Adding, “People of that era were certainly unaware of the scientific facts of colors as medicine, but they had faith in healing with colors.”

Since the 19th century, research into chromotherapy has been conducted in the United States, Russia, and India. Researchers theorize that, among other properties, color has a noticeable effect on mood. Regarding the research of Edwin Babbitt, an early proponent of color therapy, the aforementioned review comments: “He identified the color… blue and violet as soothing.” Concluding, “No controversies were found among the theories presented, in [related] research work conducted in any area of the world.”

Admittedly, some psychologists are skeptical of color therapy, pointing out that the effects of color can be grossly exaggerated. But as one psychology author recently acknowledged, “Existing research has found that color can impact people in a variety of surprising ways.” For example, “Anecdotal evidence has suggested that installing blue-colored streetlights can lead to reduced crime in those areas.” And, “Color can play an important role in… creating certain moods, and even influencing the decisions people make.”

To illustrate the point, think of a stressful environment, such as an airport. A number of things may cause you anxiety, such as ground transportation, security checkpoints, waiting in line, rushing to the gate and cramped seating next to strangers. But once you sit down on the plane, do you notice the color of the seating upholstery? Most likely it is blue. Which provides insight into the psychology of color. According to Angela Wright, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology, blue is associated with “trust, efficiency, serenity, coolness, reflection and calm.” In other words, qualities that contribute to a better mood and a safer, more pleasant travel experience.

Applying this same principle, ATV LED chromotherapy enables you to select a color scheme that fits the ambiance you want to create, from soothing to invigorating. Combined with heated-water hydrotherapy and other forms of spa therapy, it can help you to manage the symptoms of stress, improve your mood and promote relaxation. To enhance your ATV hydrotherapy experience, ask your local ATV Dealer about available lighting options.

Music therapy benefits

From the Greeks to indigenous Americans, a variety of ancient cultures have sung the benefits of what we now call “music therapy.” During the first two World Wars, music therapy was employed in hospitals for the benefit of wounded soldiers and veterans. Doctors, nurses and patients all noticed how well music improved the overall mood and perception of pain. Music therapy, in the context of spa therapy, draws upon this concept to enhance mental and emotional stress relief.

Regarding the biological impact of music, a 2013 study entitled “The Effect of Music on the Human Stress Response” concluded that listening to music directly affects the psychobiological stress system, which influences behavior and mental experience. In the study, a group of 60 healthy females were exposed to a standard psychosocial stress test. The goal being to induce a physical stress response. Before the test, participants were randomly assigned to one of three auditory environments: listening to relaxing music, listening to rippling water or having no audio stimulation at all. The result? “Listening to music… predominantly affected the autonomic nervous system (in terms of a faster recovery), and to a lesser degree the endocrine and psychological stress response.” Let us consider these systems in more detail.

The “autonomic nervous system” is responsible for controlling breathing, heartbeat, digestive processes and other bodily functions without conscious thought. You have likely experienced the reaction of this system if you have ever been in a stressful situation or suffered an anxiety attack. Namely, shortness of breath, a racing heartbeat and possibly indigestion. Evidently, listening to music helps this system to recover from stress more quickly.

The “endocrine system” is a system of glands that regulate metabolism, tissue function, sexual function, sleep and mood. This includes the adrenal glands which produce the steroid hormone cortisol. Perhaps you have heard cortisol referred to as “the stress hormone.” In the study mentioned earlier, the biggest difference between those who listened to rippling water versus relaxing music was their “cortisol response.”

Lastly, the “psychological stress response” describes the subjective reaction to stress. According to the same study, the group’s personal perception of stress decreased while listening to music and was on par with listening to the sound of rippling water. It’s not hard to imagine the combined benefits of relaxing music and rippling water, as you soak away your stress in a swim spa. To learn more about audio options available for your ATV, contact your local ATV Dealer.


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