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Swim Spa Installation

When shopping for a swim spa it is easy to focus on the initial purchase without giving much thought to what happens next. But thinking about delivery and installation ahead of time may help you decide which spa to buy. And having a basic understanding of the process helps to avoid unwelcome surprises, unforeseen expenses and unnecessary delays.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about every detail in advance. The key to success is having good communication with your salesperson and any third-party contractors involved along the way.

ATV Swim Spa Location

Swim Spa Location

One of the first things to consider is where your swim spa will be located. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Placed above ground, recessed into the ground, or surrounded by a deck? Does the site offer safe visibility to your home, and enough privacy from neighbors and passing cars on the street? Is your neighborhood subject to local permit requirements or homeowner’s association (HOA) covenants?1

With the help of your local Aquatic Training Vessels™ Dealer, answering these questions will inform whether the installation will be simple or more involved. Undoubtedly, your ATV™ Dealer has encountered a wide variety of scenarios. They are in the best position to advise you, help you navigate potential obstacles, and recommend trustworthy contractors in your area. In fact, many ATV Dealers are licensed pool contractors who regularly install hot tubs, swim spas and in-ground pools as part of their business.

1Some homeowner’s associations (HOAs) regulate the installation of hot tubs, swim spas, above-ground pools or other structures. If you belong to an HOA, consult your homeowner’s agreement, current HOA guidelines, and a qualified professional for guidance. It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to perform all necessary due diligence prior to authorizing site preparation, spa purchase and spa installation.


ATV Swim Spa Site Preparation and Access

Site Preparation and Access

Once you select a suitable location, a variety of site requirements must be met. Is your proposed site ready to go, or does it need a few upgrades? Before any site work begins, the spa owner’s manual should be consulted for technical specifications and warranty information, as should applicable construction resources available to your ATV Dealer. Some examples include:

Electrical service requirements: Electrical connections should be made by a qualified electrician and comply with all national, state, and local electrical codes.

  • In North America and Central America, ATV swim spas are rated for 240V, 60Hz, 50A circuits. International versions are rated for 230V, 50Hz, 32A circuits (3PH optional).
  • Electrical connections must be made with copper conductors only—DO NOT use aluminum wire.
  • Since the spa must be permanently connected (i.e. hardwired), a disconnecting means (i.e. emergency shut-off) must be installed within sight of the equipment and at least 5 feet (1.52 m) from the walls of the spa.

Solid foundation: Once a swim spa is filled with water it can weigh up to 25,000 pounds (11,340 kg). Therefore, the spa site should provide a hard, flat, stable, and level surface. This typically requires a six- to eight-inch thick (152mm to 203mm) concrete pad that can support at least 200 lbf/in2, with a sufficient underlayment that meets specific requirements.

Proper drainage: Allow for sufficient water drainage around the vessel to preserve the support structure and protect internal equipment. For indoor installations, flooring material must provide adequate traction when wet.

Special considerations: Indoor, in-ground or partially recessed installations require special techniques, planned in conjunction with your authorized ATV Dealer. These include: adequate ventilation and access to internal spa equipment (such as the control panel, shut-off valves, drain hoses and pumps). Nearby walls, decks, fences, hedge rows, trees or other obstructions need to be considered. If digging is required, consult local utility companies to avoid underground obstructions such as electrical, gas, telephone, and water lines.

  • ATV swim spas contain equipment on both ends of the spa. This equipment needs to be accessible during the installation process, as well as afterward for maintenance and service access.

Site access: When the time comes to deliver your spa, the street you live on needs to accommodate one or more large vehicles for several hours. These may include a truck, long trailer and forklift, and/or a construction crane to lift and place the vessel into position. Good planning, communication, and advance notice can help to avoid issues with your neighbors and public officials. Make sure all necessary permits are in order and easily accessible.

ATV Swim Spa Proper Installation

The Importance of Proper Installation

Given the many benefits of owning a swim spa—not to mention the financial investment—your vessel must be properly installed. Attempting to save money by cutting corners can result in improper installation, which may cause structural damage to the vessel and void its warranty. For example:

  • DO NOT shim your vessel by placing objects underneath to make it level. If your existing concrete pad is not level, a top cap must be poured and you should contact a professional.
  • DO NOT fill the vessel with water until it is level and in the final position. Remember to check for power cords, tools, and hoses that may be caught underneath the vessel.
  • DO NOT apply power to the vessel before it is completely filled with water, otherwise damage to the pumps, heater and sensors may occur.
  • DO NOT allow an empty vessel to remain exposed to direct sunlight. If left exposed to the sun, surface temperatures can reach in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82°C). Significant damage to the interior spa shell can occur, including warping and blistering, which is not covered under the warranty when caused by sun exposure.

ATV Swim Spa Local Installation Experts

Local Installation Experts

As a division of Marquis Corp., Aquatic Training Vessels has cultivated quality relationships with independent pool and spa dealers around the globe. To provide you with The Ultimate Swim Spa Experience, each of us succeeds by doing business the right way. We design and manufacture world-class swim spas, and your local ATV Dealer offers world-class expertise, proper delivery and installation, and top-tier customer service after the sale.

Whether your new swim spa will be located indoors or outdoors, placed above-ground or recessed into the ground or surrounding deck, your local dealer is ready to assist you. From showing you examples of past installations to making personal recommendations, they are ready to answer all your questions and provide a custom solution. So why wait? Contact your local ATV Dealer to get started!

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