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ATV Ultimate Package

We have curated our most popular Aquatic Training Vessels™ options and accessories into one convenient upgrade—the ATV™ Ultimate Package! ATV already deliver the ultimate swim spa experience. What this bundle delivers is helpful extras and additional amenities to make swim spa ownership easier and even more fun.1

Cover Companion Swim Spa Cover Lift

Two Cover Companion™ Cover Lifts

Cover Companion is designed to help you maneuver your swim spa’s DuraCover® before and after each session. High-quality DuraCovers are made from marine-grade double-stitched vinyl and dense 2 pound insulation foam, which may prove hefty for some owners. Cover Companion does much of the heavy lifting, helping you position the spa cover out of the way and return it to a closed position. Made from corrosion-resistant powder-coated aluminum, you won’t have to worry about rust even if it becomes scratched. Brackets mounted on both sides of the swim spa cabinet are fastened into the frame. Once the cover is lifted, each half stores out of the way on one end of the spa. To ensure there is sufficient clearance to operate Cover Companion, please consult your local ATV Dealer.

Swim Spa Steps for Above Ground Pool

ATV Environments™ Step and Storage Bench

Sharing the same color palette as your swim spa, ATV Environments are made in the USA alongside ATV Swims Spas and Marquis® hot tubs. The ATV-14 Step and ATV-17 Step (pictured) are extra sturdy and secure, making it easy and safe to get in or out of your spa. The ATV 48” Storage Bench keeps spa supplies close but neatly tucked away, and it also doubles as a poolside seating area. ATV Environments are made from sustainably-harvested Hem-fir and cedar framing, stainless-steel fasteners, weatherproof DuraWood™ exteriors, and heavy-duty composite decking. To resist moisture, the underside of storage lids are sealed with silicone and the underside of each module gets a durable polysheet vapor barrier. Designs may vary depending on the swim spa model you select.

Swim Spa Rowing Kit

Resistance & Rowing Kit

If you enjoy resistance training then you’ll love the ATV Resistance & Rowing Kit. Tethers mounts located on one or both ends of the spa allow for tethered swimming with the swim jets turned on or off. A range of stretch-cord exercises are also possible in or out of the water. The Rowing Kit includes two stainless steel ‘oar bars’ with stretch cords and easy-grip handles. After purchasing ATV, you may request a free thumb drive with over 100 training videos for everything from swim training and strength conditioning to rehabilitation (a $500 value).2

Swim Spa Audio System with Bluetooth

Audio System with Bluetooth

Energize your workout or get the party started with an ATV audio system. A multifunction receiver is mounted into the cabinet exterior, quad speakers are mounted into the topside area, and a subwoofer is concealed inside the frame. Features include: FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices (such as a smartphone, tablet or iPod®), as well as USB and 3.5mm auxiliary expansion ports for wired audio connection.3 Bluetooth allows you to play audio directly from your mobile device, or connect it to the internet using your wireless data plan or Wi-Fi network. Then, stream your favorite music, audiobooks, podcasts, internet radio and more! You may control the audio system one of three ways: 1) using the floating wireless RF remote control, 2) directly from the receiver panel, or 3) manage streaming audio playback from your mobile device paired with Bluetooth. For questions, please consult your local ATV Dealer.

Swim Spa Water Feature

12-point Water Feature

Get a little more action with the 12-point water feature, featuring six waterfalls on each side of your spa! Great for recreation and relaxation, the sound of running water is both playful and soothing. Infuse fountains of color into your nighttime swim or soaking session with the integrated 22-point interior lighting system.

Swim Spa Interior Lighting Upgrade

22-point Interior Lighting System

Experience ultimate ambiance with 22-point interior lighting! As a supplement to your swim spa’s multicolor LED spa light, this lighting package builds additional multicolor LEDs into the interior of your ATV, along with variable color modes and transitions. Practical benefits include increased nighttime visibility, enhanced visual impact and augmented stress relief and relaxation. The interior of your swim spa becomes a luminous spectacle your guests will admire.

Embroidered Swim Spa Towels

Two Ultimate Towels

Made from premium, resort-quality, looped terry cloth. Paying homage to our Marquis heritage, each large Ultimate Towel is custom embroidered so you and a partner can dry off in comfort and style, and get a little more of that backyard-resort feeling.

Extra-large Rubber Ducky Pool Toy

Extra-large Rubber Ducky

This lucky ducky enjoys floating in ATV and welcoming you when it's time to splash!

How much does an above ground pool cost?

How Much Does It Cost?

For swim spa pricing with the ATV Ultimate Package, contact your local ATV Dealer to request a quote. They can also assist you with questions about swim spa features, health benefits, color choices, and installation details. You are closer than ever to The Ultimate Swim Spa Experience!™ Select the "Get pricing" button to get started.

  • 1The ATV Ultimate Package is not available on the V150 Swim Spa and Party Vessel, but many of the same options and accessories are available separately. Download the brochure or contact your local ATV Dealer for more information.
  • 2While supplies last (updated February 18, 2019).
  • 3iPod® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Mention of third-party products is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

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